Are you new here? Do you like to offer your pet the maximum amount of nutrition with the least amount of browsing? Or are you just as indecisive as we are when it comes to picking goodies for your furry?

Either way –  our Boxes are the perfect match for you – whether you have a big chewer or a small fuss-pot, we make sure each month’s boxes are selected keeping in mind nutritional balance as well as just the yummiest and most universally loved foodies on our menu! Check the Contents in the Product Description and reach out to us with any questions or feedback as always!

Why do the picking when you can let experts do it for you 😉
We make decisions easy for you by selecting the best and most nutritious all-natural food for your cats and dogs! Every month we procure a different selection of gourmet nutrition and only the best, pure and healing food that your pet will thrive on!

Especially for every Pet  – healthy or to heal issues
Whether your pet has skin issues like dermatitis or Yeast Infections, our Skin & Coat Remedy Box will alleviate and help your cat or dog’s skin naturally! Get that coat shining again and stop the itching while seeing them relish their food!

Renal Issues? Not for your pet!
If your pet has renal issues like Kidney Stones, Liver Disease or Urinary Tract Issues (UTI) then don’t rely on medication – nature has the best medicine in real good and pure food and we curate it for you in our box Renal Remedies for your Cat or Dog.

There is no medicine the right food can not replace!

What to feed my puppy?
If you do not know what to feed your new Puppy – we will help you find their favourite treats, chews and snacks by providing only  the best and most nutritious all natural selection of food for your kitten or puppy.

Cats have special nutritional needs!
Especially for Cats we curate a box containing all the taurine and necessary nutrients that your cat needs to stay strong and be healthy and purry life long. If you want to start feeding better and want to move away from Diet Chart or processed food or make any other changes for the better for your dog or cat, get started with one of our Boxes of healthy natural treats or chews for your pet.

Canine India Boxes are a great way to boost your pets nutrition every day with some additions to their bowls – whether you feed BARF – raw, homecooked, wet food or kibble. Your dog or cat will be craving these Canine India Boxes!


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