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How long until my package reaches?

Your order should reach you within 8 to 12 days* from the date of placing the order.

We try to pack all orders as quickly as possible, that can be anywhere from 2-5 working days as we make everything fresh and by hand. If you need an order real urgent you can always pick the ‘Expedite Dispatch’ option at checkout and we will pack it within 24 hours from ordering. 

Transit time after dispatch varies from state to state but you should get a rough idea from the transit timeline map on this page.

*Please note: Deliveries may be delayed during festive season rush or a Covid-19 related lockdown, and at times of natural calamities like heavy monsoons or landslides due to affected courier service operations.

What is Expedite Dispatch?

If you’re in a rush to get your Canine India Delivery you can pick the Expedite Dispatch.

We typically take 2-5 days to pack and dispatch orders – the Expedite Dispatch option means that we make sure to pack and dispatch your order within 24 hours of placing it making sure you and your little one don’t have to wait too long!

Please note that we do not ship on Sundays!

Please note that Expedite Dispatch does not affect the transit period as per the courier company.

You can see average transit times for your region on our Track order page with the India map.

Expedite Dispatch doesn’t mean expedite shipping.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been handed to our courier partner you can follow its journey by simply entering your order number on the Track Order page. You can also find this page in our menu.

You will receive notifications per email and SMS from our delivery partners in the name of ‘Hausberg OPC’ as well!

Help! I think my order is missing an Item!

First of all, don’t worry! If we made a mistake we will of course make it right!

To make it easy for you and us please follow this procedure:

Please check the bill and delivered items right away when receiving your delivery – we try to cushion the food against breakage and sometimes when it seems a treat is missing it is actually hiding safely in the cushioning-paper.

Also don’t forget to check the labels as we club chews of the same protein (for example Turkey thigh and wing) in one pouch and if you order several times the same treat (for example 3 x Rabbit Bites 60 grams = one bag of 180 grams) we club that as well, unless you ask us not to club while checking out.

If you absolutely can not find something that is on the bill upon checking your Delivery from Canine India please take a photo with the box and delivered items including the labels (front side) and a picture of the bill right away and send it to please.

Please understand that we can only accept this information up to 48 hours after delivery.

How can I get coupons?

Sign up to our mailing list and stay up to date on all our offers!

How do I get in touch with you?

You’ll find our contact details on the Get In Touch page.

You can also follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel or sign up to our newsletter below or to stay up to date on what’s happening at Canine India!

I've entered an incorrect shipping address/pin code/phone number, how can I change it?

Firstly, worry not if you realise right away – we’ve got you covered! Please intimate us as soon as you realise any mistakes after placing the order with us. You can either write to us on with the correct details or simply call us on our customer care number +91-8838326932 and inform us of the needed changes.
Please be quick with checking your info!

If you happen to inform us once your order is shipped, we unfortunately can’t really do much about it – even though we will try – as due to incorrect details the order usually gets returned to us.

This means we’ll have to send a new package to you. Since we are charged double fees for return shipments as well as we have to pack the order again. We have to ask you to bear a small part of the cost we incur, so charge a fee of 20% of the order value in order to dispatch your order again or a 10% cancelation fee.

Do you stock at offline stores or have a main facility where I can get your products from?

We do not have a retail store at the moment but you’ll be the first ones to know when it happens!

Follow us on Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to stay updated 😉

Our Products & Dosage

How do you make Canine India food?

We gently air dry in big machines that keep the temperatures low and steady over days or even up to two weeks for some items! Everything we use is farm- or ocean fresh, always stored cool and hand prepared!

Do I have to rehydrate Canine India food?

You can feed our food any way you and your pet prefer! Straight from the pouch, soaked in water or other liquid, mixed with other food or frozen into toys – there’s no limit to your creativity!

How much Canine India food can I feed?

All our dehydrated foods are air-dried at steady and comparatively low temperatures over long periods of time. Since most raw produce contains a large percentage of moisture/water it gets a lot lighter when dried. Since nutrition is retained inside the food but moisture is let go the Canine India food is so very filling even if it looks like it’s not a lot. You can go by the basic rule that everything you get from us is about 3-4 times as filling as it seems due to the process we use.

Everything is an average based rule – please adapt to your pets individual needs as you wish.

For our Supplements: 1 teaspoon per 10 kg bodyweight every other day – that means

  • ½ teaspoon for cats
  • 1 teaspoon for small dogs
  • ½ tablespoon for medium sized dogs
  • 1 tablespoon for large dogs

For our Meals (if used as complete nutrition):

  • ½ Cup for cats & small dogs
  • 1 Cup for medium sized dogs
  • 2 Cups for large dogs

Our Meals can also be used as a Foodtopper or Supplement!

For our Treats & Chews: Just keep in mind that they are way more filling than they seem because they are so much lighter after dehydrating them! Our food is at least 3 times heavier before drying!

Can I feed bones to my pet?

In general: Yes, bones are safe and healthy to feed your dog or cat. Now there’s a lot of different bones and not all are equal. Cooked or smoked bones should NEVER be fed, as they can splinter and harm your pet. Raw bones or bones that are air dried with the experience, right machines and knowledge on the other hand, are perfectly safe to chomp on.

Make sure to monitor your pet when they munch on to make sure they gnaw and don’t try to gobble. If your pet is a gobbler, go for boneless or really big and sturdy bones to force them to slow down!

How do I teach my dog to chew?

Dogs instinctively know how to chew, but if they’re very eager chewers or haven’t tried meat or bones before, they may tend to bite off bigger chunks than they should, so in these cases we suggest the following:

Hold one end of the chew while your pup first tries a chew. Let your pup lick, start to taste the chew and hold it until they begin chewing on it. Repeat this a couple of times with their first chew, and watch them carefully to make sure they are accustomed to chewing before swallowing.

Why feed my pet ears and feet? Aren't they by-products and to be avoided?

By-product is not an absolute term – by-product just means the leftovers of meat production for human consumption. Some people consider every part of meat they do not want to eat a ‘by-product’ but that doesn’t really hold up. The most important aspects of a healthy diet are variety and quality – dogs and cats need to eat different cuts of meat and do not get grossed out by a head or organ meat but instead get fantastic nutrition out of it. So feet and ears and the likes all have their own nutritional benefits and are highly recommended to keep it natural.

What about fur and feathers?

As you can see some of our treats come complete with fur or feathers on them. This does not clog your dog’s intestines on the opposite – it cleanses them! Of course moderation is key and furry or feathery items shouldn’t be fed more than once a week. The fur and feathers are your pups main source of manganese plus the fiber sweeps the tummy and has a de-toxins effect!

Introduce fur slowly – start with  a Rabbit Paw or Chicken Head!

How and why should I use Supplements?

Supplements are a great way to give certain functions of your pets body a boost. We source as natural as possible and only from farms but since nowadays soil and air are not as pure as they used to be, nutrient depletion has made the supply of nutrients we get from food lower. To balance that, a dose of Veggieliscious or Probiotics Powder is always a good idea. If your dog has joint issues, the Joint Relief Powder can help your dog get back to jumping and if your pet has renal issues the Green Magic Powder will cast them away and teach your dog’s body to fight for itself again!

Another use is to supply essential nutrition that can’t be provided in another way – for veg-fed pets a spoon of Omega-3 Powder or Beef Boost is going to make a big difference in their health and well-being.

Help! My pet is itchy!

Itching can be a sign that your pet is simply a little ‘hot’ inside – inflammation in the body often shows up as itchy skin, allergies or ear infections. This usually happens when the main diet is primarily processed petfood or Chicken. An easy and quick fix instead of medication is fish! Fish supplies all the nutrients that will help your kitten or puppy feel better in no time! Our Fish Meal and Omega-3 Powder are two great choices for a daily dose of fish!

Be aware though – often when switching to a better diet your pet will start a detoxing process that may seem like issues flaring up. This can be prevented by real slow introduction, though we’d also suggest you to stick with changes for a little while to make sure you see what happens within a short period rather than in a first reaction.

Our Meals

We hear you! Feeding well is a whole science in itself and hard to coordinate, plus it requires hours and hours of preparation each week. So we decided to do all the dirty work and calculations for you. Presenting the healthiest dog food available in India: our meals.

We add NOTHING but human grade first quality farm-fresh whole Protein. All you have to do is open the bag, pour the desired amount out and you’re done! Mix with other food, soak in water or feed as is as a whole meal! Just make sure to introduce new food slowly and remember how filling dehydrated food is!

Feeding Canine India

At what age can my puppy or kitten start eating real food and what do I start with?

It is never too early to feed real good food! Of course it is best for the puppy or kitten to stay with the mother for at least 12-15 weeks but if that is not possible due to certain circumstances, you can start feeding your pet with real protein soon.

If you go for Canine India food, it depends on your pet – when their jaw is able to munch it then they are ready to eat it. The younger they are, the better it is to introduce them to different foods to make sure they grow strong and have the right nutrients to develop into strong, resilient adults. Just remember to introduce everything slowly!

I’m new to Canine India. What can I start off with for my dog/cat?

Hi! Happy to see you! Of course it always depends on your pet and their preferences but for any size and age I do recommend trying some proteins that you can’t usually source – for variety – along with something that your dog or cat maybe has tried before or you think they’d love! So I always encourage to try a little something new and go by logic. If your pet has dental cleaning needs, any hard chew will be great. If they have teeth missing or inflamed gums, we’d recommend to go for something boneless or smaller rather. So understand your pet’s needs, browse around and try some paw-licking delicious treats, chews or meals! Just remember to introduce everything slowly!

I am vegetarian but want to feed my dog healthy - are there any options from Canine India that are a good fit for a veg household?

Yes! One of the reasons we came up with our meals and supplements is that we appreciate you trying to feed your pets what they need even if it is culturally difficult for you! Any of our Meals will give your pet the nutrition it needs (whether as an add on or exclusively) and none of the meals or supplements look, smell or feel like meat. Simply keep them in the pouch they came in and feed whenever needed straight from the bag! No nasties, only wholesome protein. Yay!

What is the best choice for a puppy from Canine India?

Puppies need extra calcium and that’s found in its purest and easiest to absorb form in dehydrated bones! Puppies need even more bones than adult dogs and by introducing bones at an early age you not only get all the nutritional and physical benefits but also you’re setting your puppy up for dealing with bones properly for his whole life – a safety measure to keep them from gobbling later as an adult.

Chewing bones provides relief from the discomfort of teething. Chewing also provides mental stimulation to help train them to spend some time alone!

Lots of wins! Good starter chews would be Duck Necks or Turkey Neck Chunks, Quails, Fish Chewflakes – or let us do the work of choosing and get the Welcome Home Puppy Box!

I need something that can naturally clean my puppy's teeth and help in gum relief.

Whether cat or dog – our pets need some good chews to keep the teeth healthy and the mind happy. So any of our chews are a great way to help your kiddo to enjoy the mental stimulation and get a workout of a species appropriate chew! 

For gobblers we recommend boneless chews like Bull Pizzle, Tendons, Skin Chews or Tracheas or really dense bones that can’t be gobbled like Beef Spine, Beef Neck or a Lamb Neck

Any of these unbreakable chews will make sure to teach your pup how to gnaw properly which they’ll want to keep doing because chewing is a dog’s way of getting high and happy!

Other then that you can try anything you fancy and everything we offer is fully edible!

Shall I get the same proteins from Canine India that I usually feed my pet or different ones?

Feeding different proteins is the key to offering rich nutrition so if your dog or cat loves chicken, why not try turkey or duck from Canine India to offer balance, variety but stay close to the favourite?

How do I introduce a new food/protein to my pet?

Slow is key! Just keep in mind how rich everything dehydrated is and go very slow. If your pet has been on processed pet food then the stomach might be irritated and need a bit to get used to the new kind of nutrition but you know your kiddo best and if you listen to them and your gut, you’ll be just fine. 

If you’re going fast, you might see throw up or loosies – and it’s not a huge deal. It’s upsetting but your pet is not feeling sick, they’re just learning to digest and detoxing old stored toxins!

What if my pet doesn't like the Canine India food?

Firstly don’t worry – some dogs and cats need a while to get into something new!
Give them some time to smell and examine the food first and let them get to know it! You can serve the food they are apprehensive about with something else they usually like to eat or just plain and simple – play with the new food to get their interest up!
Rehydrating or crumbling it changes the texture in case your pet has a special preference! 

And don’t give up to quickly –  offer it as the only treat, don’t give a substitute that you know they’ll love or they’ll learn they just need to wait to get something else.

Why is my pet so thirsty after Canine India food?

Simply because it’s dried food! Just like when we eat something dry in texture, a good drink after is always great. Chewing also is a workout for your pet so another reason why they will drink water – it’s a bit of a workout to eat our food!

If you’re going fast, you might see throw up or loosies – and it’s not a huge deal. It’s upsetting but your pet is not feeling sick, they’re just learning to digest and detoxing old stored toxins!

Why are my pet's stools hard and small after introducing/switching to raw food?

Many raw-fed dogs and cats have smaller, firmer and less frequent stools as their bodies are utilising so much of the food. Make sure your pet has fresh water available when eating dry food so they can replenish the moisture.

Storing At Home

How do I store my Canine India goodies best?

It’s most important to store your Canine India goodies in a dark and dry space or as specified on the pouch. As long as moisture doesn’t get to the food it will stay fresh – that also means if you did store it in the fridge, do not store it outside after for longer times as the temperature fluctuations will make condensing water appear and spoil it.

So long story short: 

  • Store them in the packaging they come in a cupboard and make sure everything is zipped tight at the top or store them in another airtight container.
  • Store them in the freezer for up to a year.
  • After chewing on something, wrap it in a cloth and leave it at room temp in a well circulated place for up to 2 weeks or pop it back in the freezer for long periods of time and repeated chew sessions.

Can I store a chew after my pet has chewed on it?

Yes! Once something has been drooled on, please make sure to wrap it in a cloth or a ziploc bag and store it in the freezer or in the fridge!


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