I am here for the indies! Are you? All dogs are beautiful, but not all dogs have the life they deserve, that’s a fact we must face every single day. As most of you know, I am madly in love with my two indies and without them there would be no Canine India. Many of our customers & friends do amazing work for indies and rescue dogs, but still sometimes the negative pictures and stories haunt and demoralize us. Let us change that together, let us spread pawsitivity and share how our rescue pups have actually rescued us 🙂 Through the #HereForTheIndies campaign I wish to put our beautiful Indies in the spotlight and encourage people to help (if not adopt) them. So, let’s spread the word and show the world, we are not just some crazy dog parents – we are many and we are here for the indies!

These are a few of my streeties. Most of them were scared of people when I moved here and it took a while to earn their trust. Some were being taken care of by the people who iron clothes. After repetitive feeding, they no longer really cared about the food (though it was an added bonus). They much preferred cuddles and play. When I picked my pup off the street, it became far easier to meet and interact with them. My dog and my streeties get along splendidly and I get to see them about 3 times a day, keep an eye on them, ensure they’re healthy and provide any first aid treatment they may require. New ones (adults and pups) that come along are vaccinated, and transformed with a little TLC. A lot of the people in my area are willing to contribute to getting them neutered and spayed. They are so incredibly loving and sweet and my day isn’t complete without them in it.

He’s Protyush (Pyangla). I don’t know from where he suddenly came to our locality with a severe skin disease. He was very sick when I first met him. Many aggressive people wanted to uproot him from our area because of his stinky inflammatory skin infection. I was the only person to support him. I fell in love at first sight with him. But after seeing his physical condition, I was almost sure that he’ll not survive anymore. But I didn’t give up. At first I called Poushali’s vet. I was very scared always for his health. Because there is no difference between Poushali and Protyush to me. Both are my babies. I tried my best to save my new baby boy. Regularly I fed him an expensive skin & coat special dog food with some white rice and chicken or fish, deworming tablets, vitamin & calcium supplements, & some other medications. My boy also didn’t give up. He cooperated with me so much and responded very well to each and every food & medications. Slowly he started to improve.
His new coat also started to grow after eating the skin-coat special dog food. Now his body is full of new soft brown coat. Just look at these two pictures. What a great transformation!! I was overwhelmed after making this collage picture. 😍
He has a ‘Always Happy’ kinda personality with a constant wagging tail. He’s such a charming and playful boy. I’m successful to save this cute baby and this is the best feeling in the world. It’s really a HAPPY STORY. ♥️
This is the first time in my life I rescued someone and took the full responsibility to save a life. Please wish my boy to improve his health more so quickly. 💗
I’m always #HereForTheIndies ♥️

Xena: named after the titular character of the 90’s TV series of the same name. Because she was found in adversity yet she made it through. 
Our beach holiday to Diveagar was turned around when we came across this tiny little pup , scrunched under an auto rickshaw. That very morning we had seen another puppy, just a few metres away from when we were about to find Xena, lying motionless.  Seeing us she came out, begging for food. She had bald patches all over her with ribs clearly visible. For the lack of better options, we gave her Marie biscuits, which she gobbled up. Next day we found her lying at that very spot, looking a bit dull. We offered her biscuits again but this time did not see the same enthusiasm as we had the previous day. An offering of water was also refused. These seemed like very ominous signs. We decided at that very moment that it was time for us to act. We rushed back to the hotel, checked out, went to the marketplace, bought a little basket, stuffed it with some pieces of clothes and went off to pick up Xena. She seemed extremely timid and fragile.

The drive back to Pune was not without the element of distress. She seemed extremely lethargic and kept puking. Our multiple attempts to hydrate and feed her were all in vain. We felt that our journey with Xena would end before we reached Pune. 
But Xena fought through. Being a Sunday finding an open veterinary clinic was another challenge. Finally we got lucky and found one in Pashan. She was discovered to be full of ticks and fleas. She also had multiple infectious patches on her skin. Dehydration was also a concern and she was well below her expected weight. 
We got the required treatment and took her home.
The first day she seemed very shy, scared and just tired. 
The second day the tiny little girl had her first medicated bath and she just came out shining! She started eating too. 
The next few days she maintained her distance, judging us, trying to understand us. She kept getting better, bigger and more beautiful with each day!
And now we are a pack….forever and ever!

Out of all the doggy accounts I follow, @dog.walkies is sure one that keeps inspiring me. Keerat has been spreading love and positivity among all the strays in her area and it’s heartwarming to see the dedication towards improving the scene there against all odds. If we all do just a little something in our area imagine how many dogs would be fed! Swipe left to see her feeding Canine India treats to her indie-babies ❤️ Kudos to you @dog.walkies! We love what you do. Keep inspiring

Lissica and her Mom we’re traveling along the lines of their coorg plantations when they passed a little bundle of fur hunched on the side of the street. They immediately pulled over and a beautiful journey began.
Little Nefe was abandoned, beaten and bitten with broken bones on the side of the road. After taking her home and to the vet, she got a metal rod in her thigh but more importantly since then she’s gained a brother. A big protective American pit bull brother.
Nefe is currently healing and we’ll keep you updated on her progress here!



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