I am here for the Indies! Are you? All dogs are beautiful, but not all dogs have the life they deserve, that’s a fact we must face every single day. As most of you know, I am madly in love with my two indies and without them there would be no Canine India. Many of our customers & friends do amazing work for indies and rescue dogs, but still sometimes the negative pictures and stories haunt and demoralize us. Let us change that together, let us spread pawsitivity and share how our rescue pups have actually rescued us 🙂 Through the #HereForTheIndies campaign I wish to put our beautiful Indies in the spotlight and encourage people to help (if not adopt) them. So, let’s spread the word and show the world, we are not just some crazy dog parents – we are many and we are here for the indies!

Meet our Indie gang ♥️


Humpty was born to a litter right outside my apartment. I looked after the entire litter, and ended up finding homes for two of them. Of the remaining, Humpty was the last one to survive (barely: contracted Parvovirus). When recovered, he was adopted by someone who ended up returning him to me because they weren’t a good fit. Then what, universe did what it had meant to do since the beginning, Humpty returned where he belonged! Now, the brat is a spoilt and much loved one! (Plus side, his street crew is right outside, so plenty of positive socialisation and learning how to share treats!)

– Surbhi


Angel was born on the street below my house. There were 8 of them and Angel was the smallest, weakest of them all. That didn’t stop her from running around the street like a lioness and it would really worry us that she would get run over by a car as she was so tiny. And so we decided to get her inside the building – we thought we would treat her and send her back. But… she was meant for us and we never left her back. She’s our baby now and we love her to the moon and back!

– Ishita


Baby Bubbles – Diwali day, 2014 – we are on our way to Kerala & the driver stops as a fluffy white ball dashes across the busy highway. I jump out to see what it is & it’s a tiny kitten smaller than my palm hissing & snarling. I try to catch her to put her by the side of the road & finally even at the risk of missing my flight, I catch her & get bitten in the process. I look around for the mum but none in sight. The little one is covered in fleas and is filthy. I get dropped off at the airport and send her home with the driver in the hope that I will find her a home on my return. But as you can see that didn’t happen (this girl is so shy & aloof even now that I was afraid she would be abandoned because she doesn’t cuddle & snuggle like most people expect of their kittens). Six years running & only I am allowed a light pat or a scratch under her chin once in a way.

– Seema Mohanchandran


Sir Tickles – now 7, was rescued by my husband, when he was walking our dogs, Zappa (adopted Lab) & CoCo (Dachshund) in Calcutta. This tiny 3 week old kitten was meowing away next to his dead sibling. We weren’t sure how our dogs would take to a kitten but we couldn’t leave him on the streets to meet the same fate. And before we knew he stole the heart of both our dogs so much so that CoCo ‘adopted’ him & he is today more ‘dog’ than ‘cat’ & loves to go for walks on a leash.

– Seema Mohanchandran


Lady Sansa – now 5, came to us in Calcutta all the way from Mumbai. When CoCo crossed the rainbow bridge at 14, we wanted to honour her by bringing a rescue. I saw Sansa’s pictures on #Worldforall, an animal welfare organisation in Mumbai & knew I wanted to adopt her. A couple of months later after an extensive adoption screening, madam arrived from Mumbai. She is one of the most expressive & chatty cats I have ever met & has gorgeous almond shaped eyes.

– Seema Mohanchandran


A week with “Bebo”
How we met Bebo? A security guard reported that some reckless biker broke this pups right leg. After consulting with the vet, she needed home care as her siblings would have played with her and not allowed the fracture to heal. It could not be plastered as the bone was too close to her spinal cord. We decided to bring her home until her leg heals. The day this accident happened, she could not even stand on her own so we were a bit worried. We fed her medicines as per the prescription and monitored her progress. Meanwhile, we also got her dewormed which was necessary.

She showed tremendous progress by day 3 itself and started roaming around in the house. We all were relieved to see that progress!
After regular consultation with the vet and seeing satisfactory progress over a weeks time, we decided to put her back with her siblings and her mother (as she is still less than 50 days old), her siblings, her mother and surrounding dogs happily welcomed her. We kept on visiting her and meanwhile thought about adopting her, eventually we did! 11th Nov 2020 is the date when we got Bebo home. Our friends give this as the perfect example of fostering gone wrong (for good) since then she is our heart and soul of the house. Please follow her insta account to catch all the action and her growing up 🙂
P.S.: we tried hard to get her siblings also adopted by posting into various groups and taking them to various adoption camps but it never happened and ultimately they became one with the nature. We miss those bundle of cutenesses.

– Yashashree



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