Hi! I’m Julia!

Hi! I am Julia! I was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany and then spent some time in New York before settling down in Vienna, Austria (OMG how I love that city!) to study law and journalism. Once I graduated and worked in politics for a while, I met my now-husband Harish and long story short, in 2017 I found myself living in Chennai, India!

That is not the interesting part though, what I did before I studied law as a young teenager is much cooler as I realise now. Like every kid I begged for a puppy and to my surprise my mom actually said ok but... (there was always a but with my mom) she said if you want a dog, you better know how to take care of one. So she made me sit after school and learn about dog training and nutrition. Before any further steps were taken she even made me go and buy raw chicken necks from a farmer on the market - which she probably thought was the end of me wanting a dog - but it wasn't and she had to keep up her end of the deal! HAHA - if only she knew what all would follow because of this!!

So we adopted Johnny. Johnny was a girl but Mom said if I take her out at night and call a girly name it’s less scary for criminals (that lady’s brain was something else!). Johnny was with us and thriving for almost a decade before my brother's girlfriend took her out and she got into an accident.Johnny almost died clenched between the lower front of a BMW and the street. The Vet told us it’s silly to invest in her recovery - but you should have seen 15 year old me scream the whole place down to do whatever was possible to save her.

After this Johnny’s whole body was bandaged up, her hip couldn’t even be operated on because she had gone through multiple surgeries already - her spleen was ripped, she had lost so much blood, the list of things wrong with her was painfully long. She had to wear a cone and was on heavy medication. She was miserable! I slept in her bed every night. My mom was trying to prepare me to put her down but I wasn’t ready to give up. It was then that I remembered that research is all I’ve got and I started reading about natural healing and food in detail like I had never before! I took off her cone, removed her bandages, spoon fed her raw beef mince and let her lick her wounds. I even seeked homeopathic healing for additional support.

4 weeks later, Johnny was walking out to greet me after school and even peeing on her own! Within 6 months, all that remained of her surgeries were some missing fur and scars.

The story doesn’t end here...

After finishing school, I left for New York thinking all is well (this was three years later) but then my mom fell sick and gave away my Johnny. The new family switched her diet to commercial dog food and before I even knew, my girl was not my girl anymore. She eventually had to be put down due to cancer.

But that was not the end of Johnny and me. Johnny continues to live on in my heart and I’d promised her that I’ll make up for everything that had gone wrong.

After moving to India and adopting Coco, my first Indie, I swore to do better and never leave her side. This time, I vowed to only rely on my own research, science and nature. It was hard to navigate everything in India but upon realising the amount of misinformation and sad quality of advice and food available, I had to create awareness and help others.

There were no posts on Instagram about raw food, there were no dehydrated treats available back then - so I spent day and night studying further, researching and helping others do better by their pets. That’s how Canine India was born. And MyPet follows as our sincere and heartfelt effort to empower you to continue making well-informed choices for your furry babies!

Know Me Better!

Who am I?

  • A German in love with India
  • A word nerd who loves breaking down information
  • Belly rub slave to Teddy, Coco & Heidi
  • Pet Nutritionist, Lawyer & Journalist
  • Most importantly - A TRUE INDIE FANATIC!

What bothers me?

  • When someone is not open to different perspectives - what is best for me might not be best for someone else and understanding that, I think, is the key to compassion and a happier life!
  • Lack of kindness and empathy towards animals on the street breaks my heart.

When am I happiest?

  • Cross legged on the floor, eating wholesome food, sharing (species appropriately 😋) with both 2 and 4 legged friends
  • Watching your pets relish Canine India treats and chews is the highlight of my day!

Words I use the most

  • WHY?
  • HOW?
  • Teddy STOPPPP!
  • No! No! Nooooo! Dammit!

My Motto

  • Always ask ‘why’
  • Nature knows best
  • Treat others how you would want to be treated - with kindness and respect.

Why I do what I do

  • Because I believe we need to do better by all animals and mother nature 🌿
  • And because it is impossible not to get obsessed with the beauty of nature and the magical world of using food as medicine.

My Education

15 years experience and courses in Pet Nutrition, 8 Years of Law & Journalism

What is it that I do

Enabling you to be confident in providing your pet with the best nutritional care possible!

What I do to stay ahead

I just follow my heart and passion to do the right thing - I don’t focus on what others are doing and consciously try not to compare.

My Favorites

Dog / Cat Breeds: Indies forever!

Canine India Chews: Pork Chewbones because they’re indestructible, Fish Cartilage or Chewies for Joint, Skin and Dental health boosts and the Cow Skin as an alternative to expensive toys & dental scalings plus the detoxing effect - they’re perfect boneless chews

Canine India Treats: Any Poultry Bites and whole Goat Hearts

Canine India Supplements: Cell Shield because it’s bursting with nutrition in such unique ways

Some Interesting Stats

  • Guided 200+ Pet Parents in 2020 to understand how to help their pets thrive
  • > 10,000 Canine India Boxes of Joy delivered in 2 years
  • Medicines given to my dogs in the past 3 years: 0
  • Over 50 streeties fed every day!
  • At least 5 pairs of jeans lost to hungry puppies pawing me at work
  • Over 1 Year of 5-star service for every streetie at our office

The most important lessons I’ve learnt

Don’t give up, never compare, make your decisions based on as much info you can gather at that point and don’t have any regrets!

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