Let’s make it happen!

Looking for some quick support?

Have a question regarding your pet’s health or a meat-based diet but don’t want to go for a full diet assessment yet?

Already did a full fledged consult but have some follow up questions?

Then a Talk to Julia session is right for you!

A 15-minute chat with Julia, where you can have your queries answered

NOTE - This is not a complete diet consultation. If you wish to have a more in-depth conversation, please consider booking a consult instead


Talk To Julia

15 Mins

Audio / Video Call

Rs. 1500.00

Need something a little more in-depth?

If you’re looking for a detailed discussion and assessment of your dog’s nutritional needs, then consider a diet consult

Over a 30 minute session, you get comprehensive guidance on how to understand and manage your dog’s nutritional needs and can discuss specific concerns.

For long-term guidance, you can select a package of 3 consults (valid for 6 months) or 5 consults (valid for a year). You also get discount vouchers for Talk to Julia sessions, for quick support between consults.

Additionally, you get a FREE e-book, detailing all aspects of dog nutrition, to help you on your journey


Diet Consult

No. of sessions :


  • 1 x 30 min session
  • Discount vouchers for 1 Talk to Julia session
  • Detailed e-book
Rs. 3000.00