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Dog Food and Cat Food

Welcome to the Canine India World of Dog Food, Cat Food, Puppy Food and Kitten Food! We are based on the belief that nature knows best and thrive every day to freshly make the highest quality, purest and best dog and cat food!

You will find the best dog food, the best cat food, the best puppy food and best dry cat food among many other options!

We Love Nature!

Our love for nature goes farther than just our pets – we love all Indie Cats and Dogs, we source our protein responsibly and ethically and we always go the extra mile to get the best food into your pets tummy that is possible.

We thrive to enable local communities and provide special rates for feeding streeties.

Why Canine India for Dog Food & Cat Food?

Canine India is your best choice for dog food online and cat food online! We make food that heals, food that your pet will relish and be able to benefit from! Whether your pet is eating raw dog food or home-cooked food, or kibble – healthy dog & cat treats and healthy dog & cat food are a great addition to a wholesome diet.

Instead of synthetic supplements like Omega 3 Oil go for the natural alternative and grab the Omega 3 Powder made from nothing but whole fresh air dried fish. Feed your pets health by feeding Canine India!

We have a strong belief in education and enabling you to feed your pet the best diet and the perfect diet individually.

Canine India Dog Food Delivery is convenient and great for small and large breeds. From Treats to Chews, Meals and Supplements we have the best natural options at your fingertip.

Transition your pet to a healthier life with easy to store and use 100% pure and natural Canine India Food!

“Let Food be the medicine!”