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Tasty and Healthy Cat Food

We know your Cats and Kittens have a particularly high standard and like to be a bit fussy cats – but with Canine India Cat Food we are able to help you convince your cat to go for new flavours and textures!

Cats need taurine in their food to stay healthy and fit, you can find this essential nutrient in many of our cat treats and foods like Duck Liver, Turkey Organ, Mackerel and in general in poultry offal and certain seafoods.

Just adding a small amount of Omega 3 Powder, whole Anchovies, Rabbit Bites or other Cat Food from Canine India is going to be a turning point in your Cats health.

Check Out Our Wide Range of Cat Food and Kitten Foods on Canine India!

The best cat food for kittens and high protein cat food will cover your cats nutritious needs! The cats Liver and kidney need high protein food to work well and keep immunity, joints and coat healthy. We offer everything your cat needs to be healthy, from kitten formula to raw cat food and complete dry cat food to provide all the nutrients like taurine to your cat diet.

We know our Canine India cat Food is the best cat food, best kitten food and best dry cat food because it is pure and made with your cats natural needs in mind. All our food is sourced responsibly and freshly handmade. If your cat needs some mental stimulation we also have you covered – letting them chew on some real food like Jerky or dried Fish will make their dental health perfect and will help them relax and stay engaged. Some of our cat treats can be tied to a string for an edible toy!

Take your cat’s nutrition to the next level!

Slowly transitioning to a better diet has a plethora of benefits and will make sure any issues like Gingivitis, Skin Issues and Joint Pain will be healed.

Get your cat’s body fit and healthy long term without medication!