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Dog Chews and Cat Chews

Canine India Chews are here for all Chewing needs! Canine India provides you the highest quality and widest variety of natural dog chews and natural cat chews in India.

Why Natural Dog and Cat Chews?

A dog chew or a cat chew should provide mental stimulation and dental cleaning for dogs and cats. At Canine India you will find the best dental chews for dogs like all natural Chews for Dogs – Dog Chew Sticks, Dog dental chews and Dog Chewbones.

We also provide all natural and healthy chews for Cats like Cat Chew sticks or kitten chews.

Our wide range of different nutritious chews for dogs and cats is also great to find puppy chews or dog calming chews. Chewing is a great way to calm your pet and relieve separation-anxiety.

Different Kind of Natural Chews for Dogs and Cats

There are many kinds of natural Pet Chews, the main ones being Boneless chews and Meaty Bone Chews.

Boneless chews are great for senior dogs and cats, cats or dogs that are gobblers, and for first time chewing or pets that are just transitioning to real food and have not had a natural chew before. Boneless Chews are typically easier to digest for pets with a sensitive tummy to get used to real food.

Meaty Bones for dogs and cats are a rich and nutrient dense addition to the food. Meaty Bones come in many different shapes and sizes, from Turkey Neck Chunks to Goat Ribs or Pork Bones. Find the right meaty Chewbone for your pet on Canine India. Big Chew Bones are good for experienced chewers, boneless chews are great for aggressive chewing. Large Marrow Bones like our Neck & Spine Chews are also perfect beginner – chews because they are too big to be gobbled and force the dog to chew slowly thus getting all the benefits.

For cats very popular options to chew on are the Quail Heads and whole Quail, Poultry Tracheas and even meaty treats like Goat Boneless Bites or Chicken Jerky.

Benefits of Chewing for Dogs and Cats

If you are still wondering if your cat or dog should have a chew – here are some benefits of chewing that will make your decision easy:

Letting your pet have a natural chew will clean and brush the teeth, tartar and staining will come off after just a few times of chewing. Your pets teeth will grow and become clean without any scaling treatment. Chewing bones releases endorphins, chewing will make your pet relaxed and happy (think about how easy crate training will be!). All dogs and cats but especially puppies and kittens need extra calcium to grow strong. Letting your pet chew a real bone will supply the perfect calcium and phosphorus ratio they need to keep their bodies nourished.