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Dog and Cat Meals & Supplements

A balanced and complete Diet for your Cat or Dog makes a huge difference in immunity, coat and skin, joint health, renal health and allergies.

Feeding your pets body with the best nutrition enables them to stay healthy and immunity to be strong even as a senior.

Canine India has all the cat meals, dog meals, puppy meals and kitten meals you need to keep your pet healthy and thriving. If you need a convenient, easy to store complete dry food for your cat or small dog – our meals are the perfect choice for a healthy life. Completely balanced in Muscle meat, Organ and Bone and made out of nothing but the best, fresh, human grade protein from farms and local fishing communities. Our meals for dogs and cats are pure and only contain real protein, made without additives, preservatives or secret ingredients.

Supplements that Work for Your Dog & Cat!

Our Cat supplements, Dog Supplements, Puppy Supplements and Kitten Supplements are all natural Supplements and can be added to your pets home-cooked food, dry food or raw meals for extra nutrition.

Natural Supplements are the best way to help your Pet heal themselves and address any health concerns before they become an issue! Stop itches with some Omega 3 Powder before an allergy is diagnosed, heal cartilage in the joints with our pure Duck Joint Relief Powder, heal an upset tummy with our natural GI Booster, make your pet drink more water by adding some Lamb Tripe Food booster to the bowl!

You can find plenty of natural supplements containing herbs and all natural ingredients like slippery elm, bovine colostrum, bee pollen, kelp, digestive enzymes, milk thistle and much more!

We offer dog weight gain supplements and cat weight gain supplements as well as joint supplements for dogs and joint supplements for cats and many more to get your pets health sorted long term.