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Special Food for Dog & Cat

You have come to the right place if you are looking to treat your special pet companion with a special healthy treat! We at Canine India love making food for pets that is wholesome, nourishing and responsible in every way. Even small quantities of our special food added to your pets diet will help to recover from health struggles naturally and keep immunity at top level.

Special Offers on Dog Food & Cat Food

Special Offers for Cats and Dogs are our favorite to help you get as much variety and nutrition into your pets diet every single day!
Our ever-changing range of cat special food, kitten special food, puppy special food and dog special food will make sure your cat and dogs eat excitedly and wholesome.
By Special Offer we mean Special Prices, Special small batch made treats, chews, meals and supplements that will not be available after stock is over.

Our farm fresh and handmade natural food for dogs and cats is always special food but in this section you get small batch low stock Special Offers! We are excited to offer you special dog food, special puppy food and cat food specials changing all the time for extra nutrients!

Why Choose Canine India Dog & Cat Food Specials?

Our pet food is great to build your dog or cats’ appetite and immunity so try the special food for dogs and cats to boost your pets’ diet and feel good about the high quality protein you are feeding.

We make all food strictly with your pets’ health in mind, relying on pet-nutrition science to make feeding a healthy and nutritious diet easy and convenient, even in a vegetarian household.

Our Specials are a good start to trying some real food for your puppy or kitten as well & will help them grow strong.
Any of the special offers just like our constant menu of Dog and Cat Food will boost immunity and help the renal system and skin to work smoothly.