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Dog Treats and Cat Treats

You think treats are a guilty pleasure? They do not have to be! If you shop at Canine India you will only find healthy treats without any guilt! Look no further if you are looking for dog treats, cat treats, puppy treats or kitten treats that are honest, nourishing and actually heal your dog or cat’s body instead of harming it like processed treats do.

Healthy & Delicious Dog Treats & Cat Treats

Healthy treats for our pets are also the most delicious treats for our pets because they naturally know what is good for them. Canine India treats can be fed with food for extra texture and appetite, our treats can also be used in training or for activities around the house like searching for the treats and doing nosework.

Air dried or dehydrated food – provided it is done right and we do it right – is extremely rich in nutrients meaning you only need very small quantities to get a whole nutritional boost for your pet’s health!

Canine India offers the best dog treats, kitty treats, best treats for puppies, and frozen dog treats in the market made with a passion for nature.

Treats to Boost Your Dog & Cat Immunity

If you are looking to make your dog or cats diet better but keep it convenient our pet treats are the perfect choice.
You will find cooling and exotiv proteins ranging from Fish, Emu, Duck, Turkey, Rabbit, Pork and more. If your pet has joint issues or HD you can easily alleviate these naturally by adding some cooling proteins into the diet. Same goes fro skin issues, rashes, paw licking and dermatitis – feeding the nutrients your pet needs to heal themselves is the long term natural solution.

All of our treats, bei it natural chicken dog treats or Organ Meat and are also low fat treats. Canine India is proud to offer the best and highest quality dog treats online, human grade (or better 😉 sourced ethically and handled with the greatest care. Whether you are looking for air-dried treats, dehydrated treats for healthy training treats or need to boost your dog’s diet or your cats diet – our wholesome treats are the best choice.

Find everything your pet is craving from Anchovy to Green Tripe to jerky treats on Canine India!