Anchovy 60 grams & 250 grams NEW!

Whole Anchovies

Weight 60 grams | 250 grams

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Whole Fish have countless benefits to your dogs health, among them: improving the quality and condition of the coat and skin, relieving pain and swelling associated with arthritis, alleviating the effects of allergies and overactive immune system, helping to stabilize blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, protecting against various forms of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Plus they’re delicious.

Our Anchovy are manually caught on the coast of Chennai and straight put in cold storage and kept in a completely controlled cold chain before we air dry them in house for your pets!

Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Omega-3, Vitamin D

Ingredients: Anchovy

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper


60 grams, 250 grams

9 reviews for Anchovy 60 grams & 250 grams NEW!

  1. Kaveri Narayanan

    An absolutely wonderful treat to have around. Generally, with a lot of the dehydrated food and treats, the convenience of storage and shelf life is perfect. These little fish are fantastic as food toppers, or to add a bit of Omega 3 into the diet. I know it has definitely helped in adding shine to Sunny’s coat. The compound cat as well as the street dogs love them – it’s a MUCH better alternative to biscuits or kibble. The crunch of the fish only adds to it’s appeal. It’s almost a daily staple in my dog’s diet and I couldn’t be happier with the quality!

  2. Priya Dev

    My indie girl who is a picky eater and generally doesn’t like fish loves this. They are great as treats being smaller in size and work to add omega 3 in your fur child’s diet too. Cats will equally love them

  3. Harsan

    Best way to replace fish oil! Thanks Julia for making my baby shine

  4. Karishma Panjaar

    We’ve tried everything to transition our cats to raw – the canine India treats & meals are our daily ritual they won’t eat without! We sprinkle some broken anchovy on their meal and they finish each last bit!

  5. KR Vishnabi

    So crunchy! I was surprised to See my super fussy cat immediately get into these after we got our package and she hasn’t gotten bored of them yet either! Definitely recommend! Thanks for suggesting these Dhara!

  6. JR srikumar

    Amazing treats! Our babies won’t eat anything unless we crumble these on top

  7. Naveed

    I love that these come straight off the boat and with the CI way of handling, and that at a really good price.

  8. Kaleroy Zervos

    One of our Caravan Hound’s favorites! Even though they’re gone in 2-3 bites, they’re easily his favorite treat. We also use the crumbled bits at the bottom of the package for training and they work like a charm. He just licks them from our palm!

  9. Chandravan Pujari

    I’ve tried anchovies from other brands (bought at the huft for example) and they always had a bad smell – only the Canine India Anchovy are convenient to handle for me in a vegetarian household. My dog prefers them also. Glad to have found this quality dogfood.

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