1 KG Beef Super Chew Combo Pack

1 Kilogram Beef Superchew Combo

Variety Pack

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Our all new and better 1kg Beef Chewpack is the ultimate Chewing Combo for all your Dogs’ chewing needs for a long time!

*Picture shows actual example of 1KG Combo Contents*

An assortment of the juiciest and most delectable dental cleaners you’ve ever seen!
All the good and tough chews from Spine and Neck as well as bits and pieces of Ribs, Hoofs, and Tail.

This pack will definitely keep your dog chewing and happy for a long time!

The contents will vary from bag to bag but be assured you will not be disappointed ever!

This Chewpack is suitable for all sizes of dogs – a bigger chew will just last longer the smaller your pups jaw is!

Meat Type: Variety

Rich in: Minerals, Calcium, Fiber

Ingredients: Beef meaty Bone Chunks from Spine, Neck and Ribs

Use: Snack, Chew



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