Black Chicken complete Meal Topper – specials

Black Chicken Meal Topper

60 grams dry Powder

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An easy but nutritionally supercharged Meal-topper for your furry!

Our Black Chicken Powder is made of whole Black Chicken including Bones and Organs so you get all the benefits in every sprinkle!

Appetising and nutrient rich for Dogs as well as Cats!

If you are trying to reintroduce Chicken into your pets Diet this can be a good choice as Black Chicken is higher in protein and lower in fat than ‘regular’ Chicken.

Basic Feeding guidelines – please adapt to your pets needs:

Feed 2-3 times /week for home cooked diet | Feed daily with a kibble diet | Variety is key! 

Small dogs / cats – 1 TSP | medium dogs (beagle, Indies) – 1/2 TBSP | big dogs (Labrador, GSD) 1 TBSP


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