Buffalo Skin Chews

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Want to keep your pups chewing happily long term and without fuss but you’re not into Beef or Pork?

Well then…. this is for you!

Our hand cut and rolled Buffalo Skin Chews are soft on the teeth but still great for scraping tartar as well as keeping busy for a while!

If you need an alternative to those nasty raw hides this is it! Buffalo skin – we simply roll them into a thick Chewstick that can be used as a fetch toy or a chew or both of course!

Air dried to be real tough these are a fantastic chew for your doggo!

The fur is not only safe to eat for your baby, it’s actually beneficial. It’s full of fiber which helps digestion as well as they’re an excellent source of manganese.

The detoxing effect that the bristles of the fur have on your dogs’ intestinal lining might make poop look discoloured but it’s enables the best nutrient absorption by cleaning the insides!

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of our Buffalo Skin Chew:

Meat Type: Skin

Ingredients: Buffalo Skin

Fit for (suggested, you know your pet best, please supervise chewing)
Dogs: Puppies ☑️ Seniors ☑️ Gobblers ☑️ Starters ☑️ Size: any Size
Cats: ❌
Let your pet chew these 2-3 times a week for clean teeth and clean gut 🙂

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Sticks (Pack of 3), Extra Long Roll, Combo Pack

3 reviews for Buffalo Skin Chews

  1. Hadina

    Our new favorite chew! My dog enjoys these much more than the stuff we used to get at supermarket! My golden takes a week to finish on of these rolls so it’s good price also!

  2. Zorro & Srikumar

    This is fab! My dog chews this for days at a time! And it does work as a toy as well! We use the extra long roll as a fetch toy

  3. Rivani Kular

    My 2 year old golden retriever hasn’t touched a commercial chew since we discovered the Canine India chews! His teeth are so clean now and I live watching him chomp

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