Canine S’wag Mix

DIY Games Assortment

Weight: 100 gms

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Yay! You’re here! That means you have decided to get DIY-ing for your Pup & give them the mental stimulation they crave!

We love all you parents for going that extra mile to give your dog what they need, so to make your Games as species-appropriate and wholesome as they can possibly be Wag To School and Canine India curated a special Canine S’Wag Combo to use for all your game needs!

With this Assortment you get lots of texture and nutrition, keeping your dog happy, interested and full!

You’ll find 25 grams of each (careful, our treats are all pure dehydrated protein so they’re much more filling than you’d expect of 25 grams!):

We hope our Assortment will contribute to your Webinar being super fun!


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