Chicken Crunch Meal

Meal – Country- & free-Range Chicken & Veg

Weight: 200 Grams

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Feeding your Dog a balanced diet just became that much easier!

This 200 gram bag of perfectly balanced, species appropriate nutrition will have your dog drooling for more! Only real fresh and whole chicken mixed with a bit of veg and enriched with a natural extra dose of calcium in the crunchy bits of chicken chunks.

This meal is rich in Omega 6 and calcium as well as all other essentials.
Please balance proteins by feeding more than just one animals source.

We never use any fillers like grains, soy, corn or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or peas.
We never add any preservatives or flavors.

You can mix our meals with your pups current food to give it a health boost or to supply the best nutrition while living in a vegetarian Household. They’re easy to store, super dense in nutrition & perfect for travel or a quick healthy meal.
You can rehydrate them by adding some liquid or feed them dry, even as training treats.

200 grams equal at least 800 grams of fresh Chicken  and a little bit of organic Veg.
Feed up to 0.5% of ideal body weight daily.

Meat Type:

Rich in: Nutrients, Energy

Ingredients: 75% Whole Chicken , 20%  crunchies, 5% Mint, Melon, Pumpkin

Use: Foodbooster, Meal


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