Chicken Necks

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Chicken Necks are a crunchy snack for all breeds and sizes! Small pliable bones and lots of yummy meat are making these a great training treat or Foodtopper.

Meat Type: Bones and Cartilage

Rich in: Protein, Calcium

Ingredients: Chicken Neck

Use: Travel, Snack, Training

1 review for Chicken Necks

  1. Kaveri Narayanan

    The perfect medium-value training treat! I would definitely suggest alternate meats for the summer, but for the calcium, and the tenderness of the neck, it is such a great treat. Most dogs are accustomed to chicken, so it goes without saying they might enjoy this more with the added crunch factor! I’ve had great results in training with these. The street dogs I care for enjoy them a great deal, too!

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