Beef Cookies

Fillet & Duck Egg

Weight 60 grams

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These cookies are as healthy as can be.

Made out of Fillet meat from the ribs minced        in-house mixed with a small amount of o Duck Eggs. These sure deliver an extra load of vitamins, minerals and just a delicious crunch!

the little white specks are duck eggshell bits

Meat Type: Fillet

Rich in: Protein, Vitamins

Ingredients: Beef Fillet & Duck Egg

Use: Travel, Snack

2 reviews for Beef Cookies

  1. Max

    We love these for a quick meal – for the cats one of these cookies and a quail egg and for the dogs we do 2 cookies and a chicken egg each as a snack which works out perfectly!

  2. Radhika

    I crumble these Cookies into her (Indie GIRL) water only because she doesn’t drink enough but with the cookie crumbles she laps her bowl empty!

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