Cow Shoulder Chew Pack 3 PC – Specials – Pro Chew

Chunks of Cow Shoulder

3 Pieces (one whole Shoulder)

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Looking for a chew pack to last your big dog a while?

This is another choice for major chewing joys – a whole Cow Shoulder chunked into 3 large Pieces!

Our hand-cut whole Shoulders are chock full of Calcium, Glucosamine & Collagen among other nutrients! The Pack includes different parts for a different chewing experience every time you give your dog a piece!

This chew is great for dogs who have had natural chews before, if your dog tends to gobble its more adivasable to go for a boneless chew like Pizzle or skin for the start!

Please monitor your dog and remove shards that come off while chewing.

Meat Type: Bones& Cartilage

Rich in: Calcium, Glucosamine

Ingredients: Cow Shoulder

Use: Travel, Snack, Chew

3 reviews for Cow Shoulder Chew Pack 3 PC – Specials – Pro Chew

  1. Max

    Really good chew. cleans teeth. no bad breath after

  2. Gundari

    I’m his chew pack is perfect for our pack of 2 pugs that looooove chewing and indie who usually doesn’t get excited for food – but all of them go nuts when the white Canine India Box arrives

  3. Jemima

    Amazing! Tremendous chewing and much cleaner teeth! My Rottweiler mix relishes this once a week.

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