Creepy Combo Box

Creepy but good! An all natural combo of the weird but nutritious cuts and parts!

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A Species appropriate includes all parts and cuts of meat as we know – I mean after all we’re just trying to replicate nature here and I’ve never seen a tiger or wolf neatly cutting fillet and tossing the weird parts of their prey.

So here’s a combo for all the brave moms and dads who are not afraid to toss their babies a nutritious delicious and creepy AF treat or chew😬

You might want to hide these from you Veg parents in law 😅

The contents will change every month so you’re pupper doesn’t get bored plus you will find items in the box that are not available for individual sale as well!

Contents 1.5k BOX

  • Guinea Fowl Heads (2)
  • Mutton ear
  • Rabbit paw tips (furry)
  • Duck Heads
  • Pork trotter small
  • Chicken gizzards
  • Rabbit Head

Contents 3.5k BOX

  • Guinea Fowl Heads (2)
  • Goat Skin Twist
  • Rabbit paw tips (furry)
  • Duck Heads
  • Pork trotter large
  • Cow Nose
  • Rabbit Heads (2)
  • Duck Legs (4)
  • Cow Hoof
  • Chicken Heads (5)
  • Quail Heads (5)
  • Goat Tracheas (2)
  • Lamb Tongues (2)


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