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Hi, Julia here. I’m a certified canine nutritionist and also the founder of Canine India.

So let’s talk about why you’re here.

Are you looking to build a better diet for your pet but feel stuck and can’t figure it out? Is your pet dealing with health issues and you want to help them heal in the most natural way possible?

If you don’t want to go for medication and processed foods, or just want to get to know your pet inside out, I am here for that!


What you’re not getting upfront: a diet chart. 

I do not send out diet charts but I am happy to help you understand a chart you received or want to evolve.

My focus is on assisting you in understanding how your pets’ body works and how food ties into health

Ultimately the goal of this consultation is to help you build a dynamic diet and to be able to adapt the diet to your pet’s issues on your own.

You will be able to rely on your own knowledge of your dog or cat rather than having to go to the vet or call your nutritionist at every hurdle or reaction.


Here’s what to expect:

Once you decide to go for a consultation and purchase it here, you will receive a questionnaire via email (within 48 hours of successful purchase) to get me all the info I need to help you and your furry. 

Photos & medical reports are welcome but nothing is mandatory.

Based on your answers, I will create a detailed assessment & guide on their diet and health so you can start adapting the diet to your pet’s body AND your lifestyle for a longterm sustainable solution.

If you’d like to take a peek at my writing style you can check my blogs here and you can see me on our YouTube channel here.


Please give me 7 working days to send my assessment per mail, I try to be as detailed as possible so it takes many hours to write.

If you have follow up questions I am happy to answer those upto 30 days post sending the report so you’re not alone in starting your new life of health and happiness! 

Please be aware that a full veg diet can’t be species appropriate but we can find ways to get some protein into your pets diet together that work for you. 

For any questions about the process drop me a mail at

1 review for Diet Consultation

  1. Shalini N.

    Julia saved our lives. Truly. Her consults are eye opening and really helped simplify everything for us. My picky eater is no longer picky and gobbles up the food I now offer to him. Thanks so much to Julia and Canine India!

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