Duck Meal

Duck & Carrot

Dosage per 10 kg /daily
50gms (0.5 cups) as complete nutrition | 2TBSP  as meal topper

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A pure and nourishing alternative to prepping food for your pup or cat at home is here – our Canine India complete meals!

Duck is a wholesome and nutritious cooling protein that supplies lots of nutrients including amino acids that help muscle growth. It’s also anti inflammatory and a highly beneficial protein for dogs and cats with joint issues.

The Crunch Variant is great for Pets who like some extra added texture – we add small chunks of boney, meaty bites to the Meal – kind of the equivalent to Chocolate Chips but of course in super healthy 🙂 Be aware that this means the Bone Content will be slightly higher so this is particularly great for Pets who need a little extra bones or calcium in the diet like Puppies, Seniors or Pets who usually eat home cooked meals and miss out on the bones for that reason!

Our meals are all 85-90% whole farm-fresh protein and 10-15% carrot. This makes them super dense in nutrition and the perfect add on for your pets’ bowl – add it as a supplement to boost your pet’s current diet, make a soup or mash, feed as snacks or whole meals.

We try to keep our meals as natural as possible by using only farm raised and whole animals – we assure the perfect balance and most bioavailable healthy food available. None of our food ever contains any preservatives or additives.

Introduce slowly, then feed upto 50gms (or half a cup) per 10kg of body weight daily if used exclusively or 2TBSP per 10 kg as meal topper.


Please note: This meal is rich in Omega 6. Please balance proteins by feeding more than just one animals source.

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of Canine India Meals:

Meat Type:

Rich in: Nutrients, Energy

Ingredients: 85% Whole Duck – including organ & bone, 15% Carrot

Use: Foodbooster, Meal


200gms, 500gms, 1kg

Crunch or No Crunch?

Crunch, No Crunch

4 reviews for Duck Meal

  1. Leera VR

    When we first gave this to our spitz Fido he had really slimey poop and we contacted Dhara and Julia from the Canine India team and they explained that it’s a normal reaction and most likely the Amal glands emptying –
    The next day everything was perfect digestion wise and when we went to the vet for check up and anal squeeze he said it’s not necessary. This meal is going in every food bowl as a topper now!

  2. Jane& Vignesh

    This meal is an absolute savior for when we travel with our indie! We add this as a back up option for whole meals or as a topper for variety depending on what we can source on the road. It suits her so well and gives lots of energy to explore

  3. dayalsingh2004

    My rottweiler is so much happier, he’s lost weight and is not chubby anymore due to duck being a lean meat option, which has been great for his joints. His energy levels have also risen, he enjoys his food now and I couldn’t be more thankful to Canine India for providing freeze-dried options at reasonable prices for people who can’t feed raw and don’t have to be overwhelmed by balancing meals!

    • Original Dog

      Thank you so much for this lovely feedback Dayal ❤️❤️

  4. Priyatharshini

    Our absolute favourite meal topper and travel food. We use the CI meals all the time but Duck sure is our maltipoo Gemma’s favourite!

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