Emu Cubes

Boneless Emu Meat

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You know how important it is to offer your pets a variety of different foods to give them the most complete nutrition and we are here to help you get there!

So get your dog or cat snacking on our Range of farm raised and hand made Emu Treats!

Emu is a rare and very beneficial protein with many health benefits:

– extremely lean

–  super dense in nutrition, especially iron

– anti-allergenic

– anti-inflammatory

– low in cholesterol

– delicious and tender

Our boneless Emu Cubes are a great addition to your pets diet as treats, snacks or additions to the food bowl!

Meat Type: Fillet

Rich in: Protein, Vitamins, Iron, Minerals

Ingredients: Emu Boneless Meat

Use: Travel, Snack


1 review for Emu Cubes

  1. Ishita Singh

    I ordered this for my cats and they immediately took to it! Usually it takes them a few sniffs and some introspection to start on new meats but this was immediate. The cubes are not too hard so they can easily chew on them and they definitely immediately loved this one!

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