Emu & Quail Meal (200 grams) – Specials

Emu, Quail & Carrot

Weight 200 grams


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A pure and nourishing alternative to prepping food for your pup or cat at home is here – our Canine India complete meals!

A nourishing blend of Emu Meat, whole Quails, & Carrot. Nothing else!

Emu is a superfood for your furry loaded with minerals, Omega 3,6&9, iron and it’s super low in calories!

Quails are a great source of nutrients supplying lean protein and calcium as well as vitamins. 

We slowly dry our meals which makes them super dense in nutrition and the perfect add on for your pets’ bowl – add it as a supplement to boost your pet’s current diet, make a soup or mash, feed as snacks or whole meals.

We try to keep our meals as natural as possible by using only farm raised and whole animals – we assure the perfect balance and most bioavailable healthy food available. None of our food ever contains any preservatives or additives.

Feed upto 50gms (or half a cup) per 10kg of body weight daily.

Please balance proteins by feeding more than just one animals source.

Meat Type:

Rich in: Nutrients, Energy

Ingredients: Emu Meat, Whole Quails – including organ & bone


200gms, 500gms, 1kg

1 review for Emu & Quail Meal (200 grams) – Specials

  1. Jeenaai

    This literally made my Bullterrier get over his year long struggles with rashes and UTI! We swear by this!

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