Emu Rib 1 PC

Emu Rib

Quantity: One whole Emu Rib or 2 Pieces weighing around 20 grams

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Now as a small portion to try! Our meaty delicious hand-cut Emu Ribs!

Emu is a hypoallergenic Protein and letting your dog chew on flat bones such as these Ribs is a great way to help them learn how to properly gnaw and to brush teeth properly. Emu is a cooling and anti-inflammatory protein as well so if your dog has allergies or other inflammation or yeast problems, this is a great choice!

The texture and shape of these is great for reducing plaque and preventing tartar buildup in your pups teeth.

One whole Emu Rib or 2 Pieces weighing around 20 grams!

Fit for small (Shitzu, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog) – medium large (Indie, Labrador, GSD, Golden Retriever) dogs!

Size comparison: Beef Ribs, Turkey Feet


Meat Type: Meaty Bone

Rich in: Minerals, Calcium, Manganese

Ingredients:  Emu Ribs

Use: Travel, Chew

2 reviews for Emu Rib 1 PC

  1. Jayashree

    First Emu Chews we got from Canine India and they are really good – my Frenchie adores them, now we will try other chews!

  2. Ameli

    Thank you so much CI for making these exotic fabulous things availabke!

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