Goat Chewies 200 grams | NEW

Boney, Meaty Chunks

Weight 200 grams 

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Chunks of Goat Spine, Ribs , Neck in various sizes in one pouch! With our new Goat Chewies you have the right size chew at hand always!

Great for dental health and calcium supply as well as adding texture to the bowl on a daily basis!

these are fully edible and digestible but please monitor your pup to make sure they chew instead of gobble.

Meat Type: Meaty Bone

Rich in: Calcium, Phospohorus

Ingredients: Goat meaty bones

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper


60gms – Regular Pack, 250gms – Value Pack

1 review for Goat Chewies 200 grams | NEW

  1. Ranarun

    We always snatch one of these packs when they come up! My pup loves the chew and they’re good size for an indie 🙂 has helped teeth be very clean!

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