Goat Feet

2 Whole Goat Trotters with Hoof

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A bone to spend some time with! These furry goat feet might look a little scary but they are worth a shot – the fur helps your dog detox by cleaning up the intestines as its rich in fiber. The meat and tendons will help your dog floss and the bone will take care of scraping the teeth as well as providing calcium and a lot of joy to your pup.

Meat Type: Bones

Rich in: Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese, Fiber

Ingredients: Goat Trotter

Use: Travel, Snack, Chew

1 review for Goat Feet

  1. Kaveri Narayanan

    May I just comment on how amazing nature is, and how important it is to have your dog on their natural diet?? These goat feet are possibility the best thing to happen to my dog, Sunny’s teeth. Though I’ve brushed her teeth and regularly feed her raw bones, she was developing plaque on her carnassial molar teeth. Just 30 minutes with one goat foot – hair, bone and hoof – and the plaque chipped away almost completely. One brushing after that and all the rest fell right off without any effort! No vet appointment, so sedation, just natural teeth and gum protection! What a day it was for me to experience this! The fur/hair adds a good amount of fibre leading to a healthy stool and for those dogs with slightly impacted anal glands, this will definitely help release them. Once a week and a teeth and digestion will forever be cared for!!

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