Goat Pizzle 5-8 PC – Specials

Small & Longlasting Goat Chews

Quantity 60 Grams

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Only PIZZLE – due to popular demand of longer pure boneless pieces!

Goat  Pizzle is fantastic  for eager chewing cats, small dogs or dogs with dental issues – they’re super easy to digest, a great sturdy chew but at the time soft enough to chew for puppies, small breeds and seniors.
Plus they provide essential nutrition like collagen and glucosamine.

Great for Joints, Teeth and a happy mind,
Let your little one relish these while cleaning teeth and getting a jaw workout!

Meat Type: Muscle

Rich in: Glucosamine

Ingredients: Mutton/Goat Tendons, Pizzle

Fit for (suggested, you know your pet best, please supervise chewing)
Dogs: Puppies ☑️ Seniors ☑️  Starters ☑️ Sensitive Tummy ☑️ Size: any Size
Cats: ☑️
Let your pet chew 2-3 times a week for shiny teeth!


3 reviews for Goat Pizzle 5-8 PC – Specials

  1. Maria Rk

    Yay my fur baby only takes the goat pizzle for chewing so we are truly happy for this being available

  2. Samantha Rl

    Perfectest Chew for my 2 year old ShitZu – cleans the teeth super well and keeps him busy for at least 30 minutes before he passes out

  3. Shivaru

    These are the best chews ever for my three cats. They won’t touch other chews and we had to get dental dealings done in the past but not anymore! The goat Pizzle is our new dental scaling

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