Goat Trachea (whole) 2 PC

2 Goat Tracheas

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Goat trachea is high in protein and low in fat. With glucosamine and chondroitin, your dog’s joint health can benefit along with your dog’s dental health as he chews on a mutton trachea treat.

Length – 7 inch or longer 

Meat Type: Cartilage

Rich in: Glucosamine, Chondroitin

Ingredients: Goat Trachea

Use: Travel, Snack, Chew

5 reviews for Goat Trachea (whole) 2 PC

  1. Priya Dev

    Yummy treat that’s good for joint health and acts as a dental chew too. My dog loves it

    • Julia Pape


  2. Keeram

    We get these for my two yorkies and both love them! Since we started giving these the teeth hbf become much cleaner also. Great chew without any bone.

  3. Nithin AK

    The Goat Tracheas are great for my senior dog. they’re gentle on the teeth and penetrate the gums for blood circulation. Great chews!

  4. Archana

    Love these! My 14 year old Lab has a few teeth missing and we were having the hardest time keeping the remaining ones clean – the Goat Tracheas and Pizzle / Tendons have been a blessing for us and it’s great to see my boy enjoy these so much ❤️

  5. Karan

    These seem to be delicious both my cats and my moms dog love to munch on these!

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