Happy Gut PLUS – Soil Based / Spore forming Probiotics & Nooch enriched

Powerful digestive helper

Weight: Available in packs of 60 grams

Feeding Guideline: 1 teaspoon per 10 kg bodyweight
Small (Cats & Toybreeds) – 1 Teaspoon
Medium (Beagle, Indie) – 1/2 Tablespoon
Large (Golden, Lab, GsD) – 1 Tablespoon

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Our Happy Gut Powder is a blend of fruit, green veggies and herbs which contains lots of vitamins, fiber and calcium. It is great for heart health, eyes, bones and teeth.

Now we decided to add Probiotics but not your normal kinds. We add Bacillus Probiotic Strains, these are much more resilient than the normally available Probiotics that are typically Lactobacillus or Bifidus Strains.

The amazing benefit of Spore forming Probiotics is that they can survive the hostile stomach environment. Most probiotic strains are attacked by the stomach juices and often they are digested rather than put to use in the small intestine / colon. Spore forming probiotics actually form a protective kind of shield, go dormant and thus survive the stomach to wake back up and get to work where they are needed.

If your dog or cat is getting antibiotics or other medication, if they have a sensitive digestion, fungus or yeast issues, dermatitis or renal issues – this powder will help build the microbiome, gut health & immunity.

Another addition we make is nutritional yeast flakes – these are not active yeasts but instead deliver Vitamin B Complexes, Amino Acids and Protein.

If your dog or cat has been getting medicines or has a sensitive digestion this is for you!


Meat Type: Veggie& Probiotics

Rich in: Vitamins, Fibre, Probiotics & Prebiotics

Ingredients: Organic Fruit, Herbs, Vegetables, Soil based probiotics, nutritional yeast

Use: Foodtopper


60 grams – Regular Pack, 250 grams – Value Pack


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