Herb & Spice crusted Anchovy

Whole herb and spice crusted Anchovies

Weight 60 grams

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Whole Fish have countless benefits to your dogs health, among them: improving the quality and condition of the coat and skin, relieving pain and swelling associated with arthritis, alleviating the effects of allergies and overactive immune system, helping to stabilize blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, protecting against various forms of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
These whole Anchovy are rubbed with dog friendly spices like Turmeric and Cinnamon to boost the anti inflammatory effect of the Foüish and sprinkled with fresh cut herbs for extra minerals.

Plus they’re delicious.

Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Omega-3, Vitamin D

Ingredients: Anchovy, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Mint

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper


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