Joint Relief

Joint Relief Powder

Quantity Available in packs of 60, 250 & 500 grams

Feeding Guideline: 1 teaspoon per 10 kg bodyweight daily

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5 customer reviews


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A powerful weapon against inflammation, Joint Problems and anti-allergenic, our Joint Relief Supplement will help your Dog or Cat to jump and run as much as they want to – pain and medication free!

A grind made of the most Glucosamine and Chondroitin carrying cuts all from free range Ducks. Adding just a teaspoon of this to your small dogs / cats’ meals or a tablespoon for bigger breeds supplies a plethora of benefits besides relieving the joints ans strengthening bones.

Its loaded with minerals and has an anti inflammatory effect on your pets body as well as its delicious and filling even in small amounts. Did we mention that it can help reduce allergies too?

A great introduction to insoluble fibre! Bits of feather are ground in for detox and improved nutrient absorption. 

If you add this to your pets meal, you can skip Bone Powder / Rabbit Dust on that very day!

This also works mixed with water as a soupy snack to encourage water intake!


Meat Type: Duck

Ingredients: Duck  Bones & Cartilage

Fit for (suggested, you know your pet best, please supervise chewing)
Dogs: Puppies ☑️ Seniors ☑️  Starters ☑️ Sensitive Tummy ☑️ Size: any Size
Cats: ☑️
Dosage: Start with a sprinkle and increase up to 1tsp/ 10kg bodyweight every day or every other day – adapt to your pets needs
Remember this is 5 times heavier before drying so this is very filling. Provide fresh water always!
Small bits of feather included for nutrient absorption and detox!


60 grams – Regular Pack, 250 grams, 500 grams

5 reviews for Joint Relief

  1. Neha

    This is everything! The first thing I tried from
    CI and since I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of cat nutrition and my cats are THRIVING now… I used to think they’re well but after changing their food a little I am baffled how well they look now!

  2. Pranati Satti

    Polished off four portions in the last six months and continue to swear by it. Works like a charm for my senior’s joint health!

  3. Ronin, Payal& Zorro

    This powder is incredible! I never cared much about natural healing and all but after I started feeding this I was able to exchange endless struggles to get my dog to eat pills and whatnot for a happy wagging girl waiting to eat her ‘medicine’ – after a hip displaisya diagnosis we asked Julia what to do and she suggested the joint relief and omega 3 powder and our pup has seriously benefitted from these more than from the vets ideas. We are so grateful.

  4. Revathi Narayanan

    We can’t be happier about this – it’s been helping my 11 year old Lab, Maya, walk a little easier again

  5. Arjun

    We actually got this as a prevention measure for our Golden Retriever Puppy but since we started adding this we’ve noticed better digestion (less poop) as well. Good food !!!

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