Meaty Salmon Cartilage 100 grams

Salmon meaty Cartilage

4-6 PC – at least 100 grams

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One of the luscious choices from our unique Salmon Range – the meaty Cartilage is a winner with small and big dogs.

Our Salmon is part of a no-waste programme where we work with several other organisations and companies to receive fresh flash-frozen wild caught Salmon from Norway that is processed in India. These are highly nutritious and fresh foods of the highest quality and will make your pet go mad for a piece!

Salmon is a very oily fish, you can see it and feel it – this is the most natural supply of fish/ Omega 3 oil you could have ūüėČ

Get your paws on these once and you will be as big a fan as we are, we promise this is a winner!


Meat Type: Meaty Salmon Cartilage

Rich in: Omega-3, glucosamine, Calcium

Ingredients: Cartilage

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper


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