Multivitamin Powder

Immune Boost

Weight: Available in packs of 60 & 250 grams

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The Multivitamin Powder is a blend of fresh organic Veggies, Fruit and Liver, it is super dense in Vitamins which help the immune system, minerals like manganese which support renal health, potassium which is essential for a healthy nerve and muscle system, fiber and amino acids that help tissue repair.

if your furry has an issue with low platelets please try this natural supplement before resorting to medicine and syrup! You’ll probably not need them after feeding this for 10-14 days ♥️

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of our Multivitamin Powder:

Meat Type: Veggie, Chicken Liver

Rich in: Vitamins, Potassium

Use: Travel, Foodtopper


60 grams – Regular Pack, 250 grams – Value Pack

4 reviews for Multivitamin Powder

  1. Shiran

    We replaced our Indies Multivitamin supplements from the store with this and feel it’s sitting much better with her.
    Fully recommend this.

  2. Sweta

    My Pomeranian won’t eat liver in any way but with this powder he will happily eat!

  3. Tiya Luwshad

    This powder is our go to for traveling and my Mom is taking care of our dog. She doesn’t enjoy handling any organs so we make her put this in food every other day. Win – win.

  4. Sissy Kaluni

    Our favourite to add to our foster pups meals to get them back to health quick! Julia gives us samples and freebies all the time for the indies as well – we love canine india!

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