Fish Mix

All the best from the Ocean

Weight 150 Grams

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Our Fish Mix just became better – 150 grams pure Ocean Nutrition, the finest crunch filled with Omega 3, Calcium, Vitamins and all of it was to digest and lean.

You will get a variety of Fish and Shellfish that are a great choice to try which kind of fish your cat or dog is the most fond of or to give the biggest variety possible.

Of course like everything you can find in here this is hand- and wild-caught, NEVER from Farms and always low in pollutants. The purest Fish Treats you can find, from Fish that are not overfished.


Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Protein, Selenium, Omega-3

Ingredients: any of the following and more in changing ratios: whole Anchovies, Sardines, Mackerel, Prawns, Octopus & Mahi Mahi, Pink Perch

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper, cats


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