Seafood & Fish Variety Packs 150 grams

Variety Pack – All the best from the Ocean

Weight 150 Grams

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Enjoy our new variety of cray-sea nutritious Seafood Pantry Packs 🎉

Additionally to our OG, the Fish Mix, we’re now introducing Shellfish to the Range!

Fish is a crucial part of the Diet with a plethora of benefits from its fantastic nutrient density in essentials like Omega 3 to the soothing effect on Joints, Skin and renal system.

Shellfish are another delightful addition for all your pup or cats anti-inflammatory needs  – 150 grams dense marine nutrients, crunchy and chock full of Omega 3, Selenium, Protein and Minerals.

Take your pick from the Fish Mix which comes with different freshly caught and carefully air dried local fishes like Anchovy, Sardines and Mackerels additionally you will find Fish Jerky and Skin in each bag.

Our Seafood Mix contains Shrimps (without shell & head), Octopus, Squid Rings and whole Squid from the coast of Madras!

The ocean mix brings you the best of both worlds – Fish and Seafood!

Of course everything you can find in here is hand- and wild-caught locally, NEVER from Farms and always low in pollutants.

The purest Seafood Treats you can find, from Fish that are not overfished.

These treats are easy to store in the pantry as long as you store them airtight, so you can take your sweet time to finish a pouch over weeks or even months!

If you are worried about bones in the fish, break them fishes into smaller bits and let them try so you all can get used to it!

Please be aware that 150 grams of dried Seafood equal about 700 grams of fresh Seafood

Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Protein, Selenium, Vitamins, Omega-3

Ingredients: Fish and / or Shellfish depending on selection

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper, cats

Take Your Pick

Fish Mix, Seafood Mix, Ocean Mix

1 review for Seafood & Fish Variety Packs 150 grams

  1. Anushka Sharma

    This one’s a clear winner! Super crunchy so no need to worry about the bones, the small pieces/powder that settle in the bottom can easily be grounded in the mixer in the end. Every pull is a definite surprise! Love love love this one!

    • Julia Pape

      Thank you ❤️❤️

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