Whole chewy Baby Octopus

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There are many benefits to eating seafood. Fish and other seafood like octopus are packed with Omega 3 and protein!

Octopus have only 2% fat & only 1% saturated fat. Additionally, octopus has a good amount of Vitamin B12. The benefits of having B12 for your pet is that it helps with digestion. Lack of B12 can also lead to some serious issues such as fatigue, depression (yes dogs can have that), and or lack of appetite. Other sources of minerals include iron, copper, phosphorus and selenium.

Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Protein, Selenium, Omega-3

Ingredients: Octopus

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper, cats

1 review for Octopus

  1. Ishita Singh

    It’s definitely one of the bigger treats that my cats love to chew into. Mizu is fond of the tentacles while Neko loves working on the head. Amazing treat and a great omega-3 supplement!

    • Julia Pape

      Thank you soooo much ❤️

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