Platelet Power

Platelet increasing natural Supplement

Weight 60 grams, 250 grams


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Did you get your pets bloodwork back and it  says ‘platelets are low’?

Platelets are manufactured by your pet in the bone marrow and exist to control or stop bleeding.

To enable your pets body to manufacture the needed amounts of platelets feeding them the nutrients they need to work properly is essential.

Our Platelet Power Supplement is made of Goat Myoglobin, Duck Hearts, Liver and Gizzards, carrot and pumpkin.

Bursting with Iron, alleviating kidney and liver issues, chock full of vitamins – this powder is for you if your pet is preparing for or recovering from Surgery or needs an immunity boost!

Meat Type: Organ

Rich in: Vitamins, Iron, Protein

Ingredients:  Goat Myoglobin, Duck Offal, Carrot& Pumpkin

Use: Foodtopper

Value pack grams


2 reviews for Platelet Power

  1. Shakthi

    This might have saved my cats life. After getting diagnosed with severe anemia this powder made her recover and I am so thankful for this. Thank you Canine India ❤️ We love you

  2. Saloni CV

    This is mad! We opted for this instead of the syrup from the vet and 2 weeks later we got perfect bloodwork back! We are completely enticed by healing through food now and can’t wait to see our Bodo thrive and get healthier and fitter

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