Pork Chewbone

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A full Pork Bone for your Dog to have long relaxing chew sessions or many shorter sessions (just pop the chewed-on bone into the freezer and thaw when needed!)!

Slightly meaty but mainly dense and nutritious pork marrow bones, safely and carefully air dried at low temperature for several days!

The bone is completely safe to eat and will deliver a good portion of calcium and phosphorus to help maintain healthy bones and teeth for your pup.

Meat Type: Meaty Bones

Rich in: Calcium, Phosphorous

Ingredients: Pork Bone

Use: Travel, Snack, Chew


Small, Regular, Large

6 reviews for Pork Chewbone

  1. Shanta Krishnan

    We have tried all sizes of the Pork Chewbone and they are all a massive hit with our two Rotties. Keep them entertained quite a while and they have become calmer and the teeth are amazing at this point! Thank you CI & Julia

  2. Dishid

    Such good chewing time! My golden boy wouldn’t spend time with anything than store bought rawhide than I found this – now teeth are clean and he’s calm!!!

  3. Theo Radhakumar

    This is such a great chew! We get the large bone for my indie – lab mix and he takes two to three weeks of daily chewing to crunch it to a degree where we dispose of the rest so he doesn’t swallow as he likes to gobble his food..

  4. Varun RKita

    Takes all our lab / indie mix boys attention and focus when we need some time! Since my wife and I do work from home sometimes we need something to settle our pup down quickly when we have a call or like that. The pork bones have been an absolute savior and we always have a large size one at hand for emergency needs they last extremely long and are a perfect alternative to the pet store stuff!

  5. Aruba

    These bones are the best and only option to keep my boxer happy when we have to leave him alone for a bit. He used ti be destructive and loud – now ge chews

  6. Deepika Gaurav

    Really good chew for our Labrador, keeps him busy specially when guests or workers come home and he has to stay chill he needs this

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