Pork Cubes – Specials

Lean Pork Fillet

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This meaty single ingredient Pork Treat is a chewy delight for your cat or dog! Nothing but fresh, hand- prepped Pork Fillet Meat carefully trimmed of fat and chunked into little crunchy nuggets are a highly delectable and nutritious addition to food or motivation for training 😋

All our Pork products are from a farm that exclusively deals in the best quality imported genetics, locally Pasture raised – western swine.

Filling and lean, you’ll want to sneak a bite of these!

Meat Type: Fillet

Rich in: Protein, Vitamins, Iron, Minerals

Ingredients: Pork Rib Meat

Use: Travel, Snack, Cats

1 review for Pork Cubes – Specials

  1. simbo

    helped my cat with joint problems

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