Pork Jaw with Snout – MASSIVE CHEW – Specials

Pork Jowl and Snout

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This single ingredient pork chew is a FEAST for your big boy or girl to chew on and gnaw through all different kinds of texture.

Our Pork as you know are from pasture raised white western Pigs, the finest quality of Pork in India hands down – these Jowls go to 5 Star Hotels for fancy dishes if we don’t grab them for your puppies – might be hard to believe looking at it but its true!

These whole upper Jaws with Snout are extreme Chews, they come full with teeth and and everything! These weigh about 1KG at least before drying, so you can be sure they will fill your Dog up every chew session they spend with it – and it will be several, that much is sure!

These huge chews spend up to 15 days in the machine at no more than 65 degree to make sure they have the best nutrient retention possible while safely and properly drying!

Don’t be scared of the teeth, they will just go through the body and be pooped out mostly.

Meat Type: Bone, Skin, Cartilage

Rich in:  Collagen, Calcium

Ingredients: Pork Jaw

Use: Chew


Small, Large, Flash Sale Pack (3 pcs)

1 review for Pork Jaw with Snout – MASSIVE CHEW – Specials

  1. Amaratha MR

    Ridiculous how big this is – so good!

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