Pork Tail Chunks Chewpack 100 grams / 3-5 PC – Specials

Quantity 100 grams | 3-5 pieces each around 3- 5 inches and varying thickness

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This single ingredient Pork chew is a joy for your good boy or girl to chew on and gnaw through all different kinds of texture.

Our Pork Tails are from pasture raised  Pigs – these Tails go to 5 Star Hotels if we don’t grab them for your puppies!

The cartilaginous and meaty Tailbones are not only filling but supply heaps of benefits for joints, tummy and skin by getting readily available nutrients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Collagen and more into your pups’ system while they gnaw!

Feeding your dog a pig tail chunk is a great way to prevent destructive behaviour and it acts as a natural toothbrush that’s highly entertaining to chew.

Tails are generally a good starter chew as well as they are appropriate to try for smaller breed – gobblers. Please do monitor your pet while chewing either way!

Meat Type: Bone

Rich in:  Collagen, Calcium

Ingredients: Pig Tail Chunks, each between ca. 4- 6 inch, varying thickness!

Use: Travel, Chew


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