Salmon Skin Chewsticks 100 grams

Salmon Skin

 100 grams

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Another super-food option from our unique Salmon Range – the Salmon Skin is a light but incredibly nutritious chew your pet will benefit from!

Easy to digest, fabulous for Skin and Joints and so rich in natural oils this is super food for pets for sure!

Our Salmon is part of a no-waste programme where we work with several other organisations and companies to receive fresh flash-frozen wild caught Salmon from Norway that is processed in India. These are highly nutritious and fresh foods of the highest quality and will make your pet go mad for a piece!

Salmon is a very oily fish, you can see it and feel it – this is the most natural supply of fish/ Omega 3 oil you could have 😉

Get your paws on these once and you will be as big a fan as we are, we promise this is a winner!


Meat Type: Skin

Rich in: Omega-3, Collagen

Ingredients: Salmon Skin

Use: Travel, Snack


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