Whole Sardines

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Whole Fish have countless benefits to your dogs health, among them: improving the quality and condition of the coat and skin, relieving pain and swelling associated with arthritis, alleviating the effects of allergies and overactive immune system, helping to stabilize blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, protecting against various forms of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Plus they’re delicious.

Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Omega-3, Vitamin D

Ingredients: Sardine

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper

9 reviews for Sardines

  1. Kaveri Narayanan

    The perfect food additive/treat for the most glossy, soft coat you could ever give your dog or your cat. I feed this to a stray cat in my compound and have noticed he has gotten so healthy since, and has the fluffiest, softest fur. I have also noticed the same in my dog, not matter how dusted up in the sand she gets, her coat and skin remain soft and moisturised!

  2. Pavithra Padmanabha Bharathi

    It is excellent option if you looking introduce fish into your doggy diet, my girl has a very sensitive stomach and even allergic to anchovies, but this sardines suited her so well now she has it in her snack everyday and her coat is getting a lovely shine.

  3. Akira KR

    I like these a lot as a snack for my cat, we used to give fish oil but now we only feed these sardines and it seems like way better option!

  4. Sunaina Haldar

    My cats just love these!

  5. Hujat

    Fantastic for treating joint issues, truly helped my older French bulldog

  6. Jadelia dibulkad

    I couldn’t find sardines to make for my dog so I got the Canine India ones and wow this is convenient and I can see my dogs coat getting shiner already! 5 star!

  7. Ranjina

    Good way to introduce fish!

  8. Arpita vignesh

    These anchovies are so big and nice! Love the quality& price!

  9. Janine

    These are a savior when I travel or we can’t source fresh fish – I know I can trust the quality and my cat wants only these anyway! We always have some CI fish in the pantry in case we need some 🙂

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