Sensitive Tummy Relief 8/ 22

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If your furry is having digestive issues and you need some additions to help the gut be well  let us jump in and hand you the magic ingredients to get your pets digestive upset be a thing of the past!

We pick the favorites for your needs and you can just enjoy the tail-wags and purrs – of Course we keep an eye on balance when procuring the content of the box so you get the most nutritious appetising natural box of happiness!

The contents will change every month so you’re pet doesn’t get bored plus you will find items in the box that are not available for individual sale as well!

Contents 1.5k BOX

  • Goat Green Tripe 60 grams
  • Gold Dust 50 grams
  • Beef Tendon Combo 100 grams
  • Salmon Cartilage 100 grams

Contents 3.5k BOX

  • Gold Dust 60 grams
  • Duck Bites 60 grams
  • Beef Green Tripe 60 grams
  • Buffalo Jerky 60 grams
  • Beef Tendon Combo 200 grams
  • Rabbit Dust 60 grams
  • Buffalo Skin Combo 200 grams
  • Salmon Cartilage 100 grams
  • Rabbit & Insect Laddooo 60 grams
  • Whole Quail no feather or head 1 PC



1 review for Sensitive Tummy Relief 8/ 22

  1. Arun Vijaya

    Wow! My super sensitive dog actually liked all of the treats and we only had one episode of loosies (but that was probably my fault for feeding too much ). Super.

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