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Our ocean fresh and hand caught Shrimp are back! We carefully de-shell the fresh catch for you, freeze and dry them at low temperature to the perfect crisp!

Shrimp are great for Cats and Dogs alike – loaded with Omega 3, Vitamin B & D, Selenium and key minerals. All the nutrients make for strong immunity, a shiny coat, less yeast, a healthy nervous system and delicious snacking 😛

These can be fed as is, broken into small bits for training or soaked in liquid / mixed with other food before serving!

Meat Type: Lean

Rich in: Protein, Selenium, minerals, Omega-3

Ingredients: Shrimp (no shell, no head)

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper, cats

1 review for Shrimp

  1. Velmar Kurulani

    These Shrimps are great my dog & cat like them and they look cool in their bowl

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