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These are a delight for your pup or a chew-experienced kitten – Chunks of meaty turkey ribcage with meat attached for a treat that offers texture, nutrients and deliciousness.

Our Turkey Chunks are of course from free-range Turkey we get straight from the farm and process in-house as all we do all our food.

Turkey is a great protein if your furry needs an alternative to Chicken but is hard to convince to try an alternative to the beloved Chimken 😉 Turkey is rich in protein but fairly low in fat and contains riboflavin and calcium so it’s a great addition to the bowl, snack or treat for puppies as well as adults.

Give these a try for a little toothbrushing action and lots of drooly tail wags!

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of our Turkey Chunks:

Meat Type: Meaty Bones

Rich in: Protein, Calcium

Ingredients: Chunked lean Turkey body

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper


Regular Pack (60 gms), Flash Sale Pack (250 gms)

1 review for Turkey Chunks

  1. Dhara

    My dogs absolutely loved these as it has a variety of textures from meaty to bone in bite sized treats. It’s a fun bedtime snack.

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