Turkey Mini Chewbones

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These are the perfect Chew for dogs if you are looking for an alternative to Chicken that is bigger and a novel protein !

2 Pieces of proper Turkey Chewbone Goodness for an extra load of Calcium, Phosphorus and joy 🙂

Of course from free-range Turkey we get straight from the farm and process in-house as all we do all our food.

Turkey is a great protein if your furry needs an alternative to Chicken but is hard to convince to try an alternative to the beloved Chimken 😉 Turkey is rich in protein but fairly low in fat and contains riboflavin and calcium so it’s a great addition to the bowl, snack or treat for puppies as well as adults.

Give these a try for a little toothbrushing action and lots of drooly tail wags!

Meat Type: Meaty Bones

Rich in: Protein, Calcium

Ingredients: Turkey Bone

Use: Travel, Chews, Foodtopper


Pack of 2, Pack of 6 – Flash Sale Pack

2 reviews for Turkey Mini Chewbones

  1. Sheila

    I love that my little Maltese Rowdy can also chew like the big dogs on Instagram! The turkey bones are perfectly sized and his teeth are mad shiny now!

  2. Vivek

    Perfect size for my Cocker Spaniel Scooby! He enjoys crunching on these for after dinner tooth brushing

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