Wild Dust – Emu Head, Heart & Whole Quail (100 grams)

Powdered Emu Head, Emu Heart & Whole Quail

Quantity: 100 grams

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This one is another perfect combo of all the benefits that Game Birds that were raised free-range and happy, can provide to our pets.

Just a small sprinkle of this powder on your dog or cats food will not only make them love the meal but also provide countless benefits – whether you are feeding processed food, home made or raw – this powder will help detox the body, fight inflammation and provide so many minerals and vitamins you might wanna throw all the artificial supplements out the window and see nature do its magic!

Meat Type: Muscle, Organ & Bone

Ingredients: Powdered – 50% Emu Head & Heart, 50% Whole Quail

Fit for (suggested, you know your pet best, please supervise chewing)
Dogs: Puppies ☑️ Seniors ☑️  Starters ☑️ Sensitive Tummy ☑️ Size: any Size
Cats: ☑️
Remember this is 5 times heavier before drying so this is very filling. Provide fresh water always!
Small bits of feather included for nutrient absorption and detox!

1 review for Wild Dust – Emu Head, Heart & Whole Quail (100 grams)

  1. Arka Battacharaya

    Easily my French bulldogs favorite – whatever I sprinkle this on she will happily eat!

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